Sunday, September 11, 2016

My WHY???

First off... I need to tell you what the hell I'm doing.

Well, I'm back at it again with my Weight Watchers life and I'm trying to quit smoking.

Both have been incredibly hard.  I'm two weeks in for both and I'm not succeeding.  Now realistically, I'm doing wonderful, but I haven't woke up craving free for food or cigarettes and I'm not a size 2 yet!  I'm eating healthier and I'm chewing the heck outta the gum, but I'm still binge eating at night (last night was my first night that I didn't binge night, it was HARD) and I have smoked a few cigarettes here and there.

The past 3 weeks at my meeting, there was a couple times our leader touched on asking yourself your WHY? I don't know my WHY?  Well, I know what I want... and quitting smoking and losing weight will help me get there.

~ Want to be able to walk in sexy heels
~ Want to be able to complete a 5K
~ Want to be in the "ONEDERLAND" club (CW 239.0 lbs)
~ Want my pants to fit better.
~ Want to instill good habits to my daughter.
~ Want to feel better in pictures
~ Want to have more energy
~ Want to be stronger physcially

Now... my Why for quitting smoking:
~ more $$$
~ be healthier
~ no cancer
~ smell good
~ can breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
~ not be dependent on stupid "cancer sticks" for happiness

This has not been the easiest 2 weeks, and I don't forsee the next two weeks to be any easier, but I'm going to keep on trying.   Why?  Because I can.

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