Sunday, January 7, 2018

Morning Beautiful Souls

Good morning Beautiful Souls -

I owe you an intro.  Samantha here from the beautiful city of St. Paul, MN.

I'm a single mom to an amazingly sassy just-like-me 12 year old that we call Ella, Peanut Butter, Baby Girl, Smella, Pookie, and Talula.  She's my world and because she deserves the world I try and give it to her.  I work full time in the food service industry by selling restaurant equipment and supplies (I get to help open new restaurants).  I LOVE my job, but the biggest set back of working in this industry is the fact of all the FOOD.  My office sits in front of a HUGE warehouse of FOOD.  FOOD!!!!!  They have samplings all the time, treat their employees to food trucks, free lunches, dinner an drinks.  You get the point, right?

Because I've been in the industry I've been able to maintain my food baby belly 230ish for the last 5 years while doing I've been a WWer since 2011, where I joined along side Allie Heutmaker.  We kicked ass for 7 months straight and then life happened and I got incredibly busy with going back to work and taking care of a kiddo in kindergarten, so I've just been in this trance of taking care of my world, Ella and maintaining 20 ish pounds.  I'd love to get down to 150ish.  So, 86 pounds to go.  Uufda.

Now I'm waking up, my world needs me to be healthier and I need to refocus my efforts on myself to make me better for her.  Just quit smoking 158 days ago and have been trying to refocus my life after my break up with my boyfriend, job drama, a car accident, and the holidays.

My friend Krystal, aka Cooter, Bit%$, Hooker, etc... (our pet names are fun) is kinda in the same boat as I.  We've got a plan for January 2019.  Us single momma's to some teenage girls are going to escape and find a tropical island/beach and get pampered, like we deserve.  And we want to go not only go because we deserve it but we want to feel and look our best!  Gotta get our groove back, ya know?

Wow, that's a big intro.  lol  HELP.  I have a busy life, mind, and BIG goals.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

My WHY???

First off... I need to tell you what the hell I'm doing.

Well, I'm back at it again with my Weight Watchers life and I'm trying to quit smoking.

Both have been incredibly hard.  I'm two weeks in for both and I'm not succeeding.  Now realistically, I'm doing wonderful, but I haven't woke up craving free for food or cigarettes and I'm not a size 2 yet!  I'm eating healthier and I'm chewing the heck outta the gum, but I'm still binge eating at night (last night was my first night that I didn't binge night, it was HARD) and I have smoked a few cigarettes here and there.

The past 3 weeks at my meeting, there was a couple times our leader touched on asking yourself your WHY? I don't know my WHY?  Well, I know what I want... and quitting smoking and losing weight will help me get there.

~ Want to be able to walk in sexy heels
~ Want to be able to complete a 5K
~ Want to be in the "ONEDERLAND" club (CW 239.0 lbs)
~ Want my pants to fit better.
~ Want to instill good habits to my daughter.
~ Want to feel better in pictures
~ Want to have more energy
~ Want to be stronger physcially

Now... my Why for quitting smoking:
~ more $$$
~ be healthier
~ no cancer
~ smell good
~ can breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
~ not be dependent on stupid "cancer sticks" for happiness

This has not been the easiest 2 weeks, and I don't forsee the next two weeks to be any easier, but I'm going to keep on trying.   Why?  Because I can.